Who Are We?

Hello everyone, I’m Andrew, and I’m your resident snarky reviewer that comes across like he hate-reads every book he reviews. Think of me as the Simon Cowell of this site. Everyone else here is much nicer than I am. They’re all great. They’re lovely. They’re what most people call “good human beings”. Me? Ugh. You know, right? Real taskmaster!


I grew up on rehashed 90s fantasy in video-game format. That probably explains a lot about my taste in books, and me as a person (possibly millenials in general). I’m a fan of Warhammer and Warcraft, but know which came first and therefore is far superior. I vote for the underdog (this means I buy AMD cards even though nVidia is better).

I’m just a guy that wanted to write more. I’m an author, and that satisfies those long-term writing goals, but I needed something more short-term. Hence this blog. I just like writing. That sums me up.

My biggest secret is: I read slowly. Like… really slowly. Yet I decided to run a review blog. Because I’m smart, obviously.

My author site is here!


I’m into fantasy and sci-fi, but I will consider anything, and do read the occasional thriller or romance (I liked Twilight, so… don’t be afraid!). Currently looking for flintlock or superhero fantasy specifically, but I’m always a sucker for some trashy urban fantasy. I don’t much care for the current fantasy trend of grimdark, but will take each book on its merits – that said, if your book has rape in it, and you submit it to me, I will read it just to point out how terrible it is (to you personally. It’s not getting posted on this site #triggered, -50DKP, instantly knock 2 stars off your review score).

I DO read indies (the more the better!), but won’t go any softer on you than a traditionally published book.

Submit here: lynchwriting @ gmail . com







Hello, I‘m Aline.

I‘m actually more a reader than a writer, but I‘m looking forward to write more and share my interest in books with you!


English is not my mother language so please bare with me when I write or formulate something wrong, but you can always point it out to me so that I can learn!

Speaking of learning, I love to learn new stuff and especially through books. It doesn‘t matter if it‘s through non-fiction or fiction books.

That‘s one reason why I love reading so much, you can learn so many things you wouldn‘t normally encounter in your life. Discovering completely different fantasy worlds and being totally immersed in it is amazing (and pausing real world from time to time is necessary to stay sane :D).


My favorite genres are fantasy (mostly YA and urban fantasy), classics, and non-fiction. I also like a good sci-fi, mystery, or historian fiction from time to time. I basically read everything when it sounds intriguing, except the horror or erotic genre are not for me. I haven‘t even read Fifty Shades of Grey!


When I‘m not reading or learning new things, I do yoga, some other form of workout or being outside and walking our dog.


You can find me on my bookstagram account: @thousanduniverses






Hey guys! I’m Andrea and I love books? (I am supposed to write something about me, but I am much better at reading than writing to be honest… which is unfortunate since I am here to review books, which includes quite a bit of writing… oh well).

Besides liking books I am a PhD student at Masaryk University in Brno and I study classical languages (latin and greek) and ancient magic. Yes. You can study that and it is probably the closest thing to Hogwarts you can get. (Which I swear was not the reason i picked it. Like at all. But in my defense, we do have some old looking doors that open by themselves at university. Damn, now I am talking about doors in my „about me“ section. I told you I am bad at this.)

Back to books! I try to read all of the genres, but almost all the time I am picking what to read I end up with fantasy. I also like scifi, thrillers or non-fiction, but honestly, it is more important to me how the book is written in general than which genre it is (but it better be fantasy. jk). I don´t really like contemporary and romance and I despise unnecessary romantic storylines in books. Not everyone needs to be coupled up, k?

Currently I live in Brno, Czech republic, with my boyfriend and our pug named Obi-Wan. I hope one day to live on a farm with at least 10 dogs and 2 goats. And a whole lot of books.

You can find me on my bookstagram account: @krachela