Obsidio by Amy Kaufmann & Jay Kristoff


We got the Illuminae Files-Triology wrapped up with Obsidio.

Be warned that the review will contain slight spoilers for the previous books if you haven’t read them yet.


The story picks up immediately after the ending of Gemina and this time we are on yet another space ship, the container ship Mao. Now our favorite characters and the refugees are all crammed there after the rescue mission from Heimdall. With crammed I mean really crammed! Supplies are short, they even have to ration the oxygen supply.


Now they‘re planning to return to Kerenza IV, because they don‘t see another option. But Kerenza is still quite far away and the supplies are getting shorter and shorter… and they don‘t even know what they‘ll find once they‘ll get there.


Meanwhile on Kerenza, Kady‘s cousin Asha has survived and takes part in an underground resistance. Some BeiTech troops are still stranded there, involuntarily. They keep everyone repressed and let the miners work for them, so that they can get the hell out of there. The jump station Magellan is wracked and they need to get hermium from the mines to be able to jump back from were they came.

(Quick reminder that Kerenza is an ice planet. It‘s cold, very cold. Not even the invaders of the planet want to stay there for long.)

Things are getting even more interesting when suddenly Asha‘s ex boyfriend Rhys makes an appearance on the little planet. Even better, he‘s hired by BeiTech.


I loved that we got to see what‘s happening on Kerenza! Except from the initially attack before Illuminae started, the planet was rather a mystery for us all this time. It helped a lot to get a bigger picture for everything that was going on. Speaking of what‘s going on, it was awesome to have all our main characters from different books in one place and working together.


Finally we received a lot more information to put all the pieces, we got throughout the series, together. About The Illuminae Group, BeiTech and the court proceedings. Also who the anonymous writer of the surveillance camera footage is. Of course it was this character!


It is a satisfying conclusion to the series, but the book by itself felt just too crammed. There were too many characters. Yes, I liked to have all our main ones together, but there were so many side characters that is was sometimes quite confusing to know who is who, especially when they don‘t have a special role anyways. It constantly switched between the settings when I became just invested in the current one. That felt rather clumsy.


At first I was kinda bored and wanted the action to happen! Especially after Illuminae and Gemina were nearly constantly action-packed. The middle was good, when things finally started to pick up, but then the end came too soon… It was so sudden and I‘d have liked that stretched out a little bit more. Also the end didn‘t blew me away. It had some shocking moments, but then everything was already over and I was like



It didn‘t felt as gripping as the other two books. Don‘t get me wrong it wasn‘t bad, but I would have expected more from it.


I seem to be in the minority with my opinion about Obsidio. Most people loved it as much as the previous books, so please don‘t take me too seriously and read the book for yourself.

Obsidio is a good finale considering the whole series together, but just not outstanding on it‘s own. (Yeah it‘s a finale, so it actually can‘t stand on it‘s own, but you know what I mean.)


Star rating: 3/5

Favorite Character: Still Kady and AIDAN

Favorite quote: “Have you noticed

All the moments we live

And all the miles we walk

never seem to get us anywhere but dead?

but still…

the flare of my thrusters burns like tiny suns

In the sea of starlight all around her.

when the light that kisses the back of her eyes was birthed, her ancestors were not yet born.

How many human lives have ended in the time it took that light to reach her?

how many people have loved only to have lost?

how countless, the hopes that have died?

[But still…]

Not this one.”



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